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We are very grad to introduce our company's profile to you. We have been running a special
chemical trading company for over 25 years in Japan.

We have three divisions in our company.

* Department of General Chemicals.

In which, we are dealing with inorganic chemical compound, such as, acids, alkali and solvent. So called basic chemical products.

* Department of Fine Chemical and Development

In which, we mainly get requests from main pharmaceutical companies and agrichemical manufacture in Japan or foreign countries to find out special organic compounds which are supposed to be used as intermediates for pharmaceutical and agriculture chemicals.
Or to find producers and related chemical information.
In addition, we respond customer synthesis,and we try to find suitable manufacture in the world and take a responsibility to make bridge between manufacture and our customer.
Then we finally intend to drive customer and manufacture and us to deepen respective prosperity and develop our relationship.
About our handling material, please look at the list.

* Special Sales Department

In which, we are dealing with liquid fertilizer for water manure for vinyl house which are produced at our associated company and we deliver them to Hokkaido to Kyushu.
Of course, we deliver them to Golf course to keep the good green condition. Fortunately, we could get good reputation, so far.

Custom synthesis products

  1. Main products
  2. Boron compounds
  3. Silane compounds
  4. Phosphorus compounds
  5. Sulfur compounds
  6. Halogen compounds (Not included Benzenederivatives or Include Nitrogen cyclic
  7. Include Oxygen cyclic compounds
  8. Include Nitrogen cyclic compounds
  9. Benzene derivatives
  10. Other straight chain compounds
  11. Other cyclic compounds

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